The place in which you are employed is of course likely to dictate what kind of accident at work you are at risk of, but national statistics do show that there are certain types of accidents that can happen in several different kinds of work environments, and these therefore, are the most common accidents at work.

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Such accidents can be summarised in terms of how they might occur and what the long term impacts could be, so whether you fell off a ladder in London, tripped over an object in Manchester or suffered industrial deafness in Leeds, here is a list of the accidents at work that happen most frequently:

  1. Slips, trips and falls
  • Where can it happen? Any kind of workplace – a shop, an office, a building site or an industrial factory
  • How can it happen? Quite often these result from spills on the floor not being cleaned up, or objects being left on the floor, but they can also result from climbing ladders and working at heights on scaffolding
  • Potential impact? Falling from a height can be fatal, while a minor trip can result in a strain that may lead to one or two days off work. A more severe fall or trip could result in a longer absence.
  1. Muscle strains
  • Where can it happen? Any kind of workplace – a shop, an office, a building site or an industrial factory
  • How can it happen? Usually through manual handling, particularly of a repetitive nature. Sometimes you have aggravated a long term injury that wasn’t necessarily caused by work.
  • Potential impact? A sudden injury can lead to several weeks off work if it is severe, and could lead to long term pain and discomfort. You may also have to change jobs if you cannot carry out your previous duties.
  1. Hit by falling objects
  • Where can it happen? Usually occurs in a warehouse environment, but can also happen in a shop or an office
  • How can it happen? Bad practice by a colleague, poor storage techniques or a knock-on effect of an accident elsewhere
  • Potential impact? Can see quite severe injuries depending on what has struck you and where you are positioned.
  1. Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Where can it happen? Typically, in an office environment via keyboard use, but could be any manual job where repetitive actions are required
  • How can it happen? Poor design of workstation or overlong demands without a break or changing to another task
  • Potential impact? RPI leads to stress and strain and can affect your quality of work, but also leads to muscle fatigue and possibly medium/long term joint pain.
  1. Vehicle collisions
  • Where can it happen? This can happen on a public road in a car, motorbike, van or lorry, or it could occur in an industrial environment with a fork truck or an overhead crane
  • How can it happen? Through poor training, lack of concentration or somebody being in the wrong place
  • Potential impact? This can be fatal and can certainly result in a lengthy absence from work potentially with broken limbs or even long term head injuries.
  1. Cuts
  • Where can it happen? This can occur quite simply using office equipment, but happens more frequently in a factory or industrial environment
  • How can it happen? Using maintenance equipment or power tools through bad training, loss of concentration, distraction or through faulty equipment
  • Potential impacts? Cuts can range in severity from minor to deep and potentially could result in the loss of a limb, such as a finger.
  1. Contact with hazardous materials
  • Where can it happen? Will usually occur in a laboratory, warehouse or a factory environment
  • How can it happen? Spills or other accidents, or through normal duties if regular personal protective equipment is not worn.
  • Potential impact? Skin or eye reactions, or possibly respiratory problems. If not treated quickly could lead to long term health issues or scarring.
  1. Noise exposure
  • Where can it happen? Usually in an industrial environment
  • How can it happen? Prolonged exposure to high levels of repetitive or continuous noise that is above certain safe limits
  • Potential impact? Can lead to varying degrees of hearing loss in later life, which can be gradual and barely noticeable at first.
  1. Electrical incidents
  • Where can it happen? In any workplace where electrical equipment or sockets are used
  • How can it happen? Contact with faulty installations or equipment or damaged installations or equipment
  • Potential impact? An electric shock can be fatal or can lead to heart problems, or it may just result in a small burn or dizziness.

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