Given our expertise in representing personal injury clients who aren’t happy with their current solicitors, since our inception we have seen a variety of poor practice by other personal injury lawyers. In our experience, usually people want to switch solicitors because – unbeknownst to them at the outset of the claim – they are being represented by a paralegal rather than a solicitor. However, in the case of our easiest victories our client was being represented by a very experienced solicitor who significantly undervalued our client’s claim.

The accident circumstances

Our client was an air steward who broke his tooth on a solid object which had somehow found its way into his salad. The salad was provided by the airline. The air steward contacted his trade union who referred him to the appointed trade union solicitors.

What was a very simple case in terms of both legal liability (blame) and quantum (value) somehow rumbled on for two and a half years until, finally, the trade union solicitors advised their client that they must take the other side’s Part 36 offer of £5,000. The trade union solicitors told the air steward that unless he accepted the £5,000, then they would stop acting for him.

Instinctively the air steward knew that the offer was a poor one. As a result of our reputation for fiercely representing other cabin crew the air steward switched solicitors to us. We had already advised the air steward that the claim was worth £10,000.

What Truth Legal did to increase the offer

We represented the air steward. Within the space of three weeks the offers increased from £5,000 to £8,500 and then, eventually, to £10,000. We only needed to write a few letters. No additional medical evidence was required. All we needed to do was to accurately quantify the claim.

On our unambiguous, clear advice our client accepted the £10,000. There was no need to go to court. The cheque arrived within 14 days.

When to switch solicitors

If you are thinking about switching solicitors, please contact one of our specialist personal injury solicitors (not a paralegal in a call centre). You do not need to tell your current solicitor (or paralegal) that you are getting a second opinion and we promise that we will never contact your solicitors unless you instruct us in writing to apply for your file. We will need to see all the key documents in the case and we will also need to speak or meet you at a time convenient for you. We will not recommend that you move your case to us unless it is likely to be in your best interests to do so. The review of your claim is free and no-obligation.

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