£110,000 Compensation Secured for Pedestrian Hit by Drunk Driver

April 28 2023,

April 28 2023,

How Truth Legal Helped a Victim of a Life-Changing Road Traffic Accident

The accident

It was supposed to be a routine journey back from the gym for Ben*. But a reckless driver, speeding and under the influence of alcohol, turned it into a life-changing event. The collision caused physical and psychological injuries that left Ben unable to walk independently and with a long road to recovery.

The impact

Ben received emergency medical assistance from the ambulance service, and he was taken to hospital where he would be staying for 30 days. Ben suffered significant injuries following the accident, including three fractures to the hip, a femur fracture requiring surgery, facial injuries including damaged teeth and many more injuries.

Ben had realised that the accident had changed his life. His injuries left him unable to walk independently. When he was discharged from hospital a month later. The true impact of his injuries on his home life became known. Ben lived in a flat situated on the third floor and did not have working elevator facilities. He realised he would have to find a new home.

Truth Legals involvement

Ben contacted Truth Legal, and senior personal injury solicitor Helen Beaumont took on his case. Helen worked diligently to gather evidence and secure an interim payment from the defendant, which helped Ben find a new home adapted to his needs. She also arranged for medical experts to prepare reports on Ben’s injuries, and the defendant admitted liability for the accident.

While the criminal proceedings against the driver concluded with a fine and a one-year driving ban, Ben’s focus was on his recovery and rebuilding his life. Ben also received psychotherapy treatment, which was funded by the defendant.


The Defendants made an offer of £110,000 which was accepted by Ben.

In addition to compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the accident, Truth Legal helped Ben claim for other damages, such as loss of earnings, care, and assistance, travelling expenses, and mobility aids and home adaptations.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury from a road traffic accident, Truth Legal may be able to help you claim compensation and get the support you need to move forward.

Can Truth Legal help you?

If you have sustained a personal injury from a road traffic accident, it can change your life in a short space of time. Truth Legal may be able to help you claim compensation.

Contact us today for a chat about your circumstances.

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

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