£60,000 in Compensation for a Pedestrian Injured by a Vehicle Whilst Walking Along a Footpath

July 20 2022,

July 20 2022,

Truth Legal helped to recover £60,000 in compensation for a client who was injured when a lorry reversed into her.

Trapped by a reversing lorry

Our client, Liz*, was walking to work one morning in London when a lorry reversed onto the pavement and hit her. She was pinned against a wall as the lorry continued to reverse, causing serious injuries to her hips.

Liz was taken to hospital by ambulance where it was found that the left side of her pelvis had been fractured and she had suffered severe soft-tissue injuries to her right hip and thigh.

The lorry driver was later charged with driving without due care and attention by the police.

Truth Legal is instructed

Liz told Truth Legal about her ordeal and we immediately instructed a medical agency to arrange rehabilitation treatment for her. At the same time, we prepared a compensation claim against the lorry driver’s employers – who can be held responsible for any negligent conduct of their employees which happened during the course of their work. The employers’ insurance company soon stepped in to deal with Liz’s claim.

We obtained medical evidence to investigate Liz’s injuries, and it emerged that her right hip injuries involved significant nerve damage and had caused a seroma – a pocket of fluid in the body tissues – to develop. These symptoms continued to cause Liz pain and distress long after her pelvis fracture had healed.

The accident had also had a considerable psychological impact on Liz. She felt like she wasn’t the same person as she had been before; she suffered from anxiety and persistent low moods, and isolated herself from friends and other people, missing out on activities she would otherwise have enjoyed.

The rehabilitation treatment Liz received included physiotherapy to assist her physical recovery and counselling and CBT to alleviate the psychological effects of the accident.

Had Liz not claimed compensation with Truth Legal, she would still have suffered her injuries, but would have been without the financial compensation and rehabilitation to help her adjust to her new situation.

Have you been hit by a vehicle whilst you were walking?

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident as a pedestrian, you can find out more about making a personal injury claim on our pedestrian accidents page, or you can get in contact with us to discuss your situation.

*All names have been changed to maintain the confidentiality of our client

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