Truth Legal helps trainee helicopter pilot recover £60,000 in compensation after a helicopter accident

May 13 2023,

May 13 2023,

Tim*, was fulfilling his life long dream and undertaking his skills test to obtain a helicopter private pilot’s licence, but sadly his dream came to a sudden end when the helicopter went into an uncontrollable spin and crashed to the ground.

Following the accident, Tim contacted Truth Legal, where he was connected to Catherine Reynolds, Head of Personal Injury.  Due to the complexities of the case, Catherine instructed a specialist barrister and aviation expert to assist with the claim.  Medical evidence and liability expert evidence was obtained in addition to evidence in support of financial losses incurred by Tim.

The claim was robustly defended from the outset but with Catherine’s help and help from a specialist barrister, Truth Legal successfully recovered compensation for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused by his injuries.

As a result of the helicopter crash, Tim suffered fractures to his spine and a broken rib.  Tim spent an extensive period of time in hospital and needed to wear a neck collar for 12 weeks and body brace for 18 weeks.

Thanks to the efforts of Catherine and the personal injury team at Truth Legal, Tim received £60,000 in compensation.

If you have been involved in an aviation accident, Truth Legal may be able to help you to claim compensation.

*name changed to maintain confidentiality

Helicopter Pilot Accident
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