When you choose to employ someone, there are a whole host of things to take into consideration. One of the most important elements to action is the contract of employment, which is a legally binding document outlining the basis of the employment relationship.

Different Types of Employment Contracts

Not every person you employ will be a full-time employee and it may be that you have part-time staff, fixed term or temporary workers. Ensuring you have a correctly drafted contract of employment is important for anyone you have a working relationship with

Full-time Employee Contracts

A full-time employee contract will detail salary / hourly pay plus holiday entitlement, sick pay, benefits and pensions.

Part Time Employee Contracts

A part time employee contract will usually detail the same elements as a full-time employee but on a pro-rata basis.

Freelancers / Contractors Contracts

A freelancer / contractor contract is different and they vary in each case. They will generally include start and end dates of the employment plus rate of pay.

Temporary Worker Contracts

A temporary worker contract offers more flexibility to an employer than a fixed term contract and is usually opted for when an employer is looking to take someone on without a specific employment end date. The nature of temporary contracts means there is more flexibility for workers to undertake a second job or studies at the same time.

Fixed Term Contracts

A fixed term contract is used when someone is employed for a limited time. This could be based on a number of months or when a project is finished. A fixed term worker will have holiday entitlement and benefits specific to their individual agreement.

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