Redundancy is never easy. We understand that, as an employer, making an employee redundant may well be the last resort in an already difficult and tricky situation but we are here to help guide you the process from a legal perspective and ensure you are acting in the best possible way.

If redundancy is the only way forward, it may be that there is more than one employee which needs to be made redundant. The staff being made redundant must therefore be selected carefully and also fairly. After each member of staff has been advised of their potential redundancy and appropriate letters have been sent out to them, a consultation must take place with each employee. This is a legal requirement.

After a consultation, staff must be officially informed that they are being made redundant.

When making an employee redundant there are a number of factors to consider including:

  • Redundancy letters
  • Consultations
  • Statutory pay
  • Appeals

Our experienced employment law specialists can assist with all redundancy situations and ensure your business operates as fairly and lawful as possible.

Our Head of Employment Law is Navya Shekhar. Navya is a Director here at Truth Legal and has over 10 years’ experience handling complex redundancy matters and helping employers with the right process and documentation needed to make one person or a large number of people redundant.

Do you need redundancy advice as an employer? Call us on 01423 788 538 for advice. If you require a more in-depth consultation, we offer 2 hour appointments for just £280 (incl. vat). Book a consultation with us today.

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