Making a personal injury claim may sound like a daunting prospect when you are still grappling with the effects of your injuries. But making a claim can actually help you with your recovery, help you in adjusting to the new situation and, as far as possible, getting you back to your preferred way of life.

Some of the main ways in which a claim can do this is by:

  • Allowing you access to rehabilitation and assistance (such as professional care)
  • Providing financial support at a difficult time. In many cases, you may be able to receive compensation payments whilst your claim is still ongoing. These are called ‘interim payments’ and can serve to reduce the financial impact which your injuries may have had.

Offering a way in which to take back control of your life, helping you to focus on your recovery. It may be impossible to undo the injury itself, but compensation can provide you with the capability to reduce as many of its negative consequences as possible.

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