Whilst a hairdresser is serving you, they owe you a duty of care. This is similar to how a doctor or a dentist must not cause harm whilst you are under their care. This means if your hairdresser is careless or does not meet the standard of care that someone would normally expect, they could be held to have been negligent. If your hairdresser has been negligent, and you have been injured as a result then this will be the basis of your compensation claim against them.

Examples of how a hairdresser could act negligently include:

  • Failing to check if you are allergic to a hair product.
  • Over-applying or incorrectly preparing chemical products.
  • Cutting you with scissors or a razor.
  • In any way damaging your hair or skin.

Tripping or slipping over in a hairdressers would mean a slightly different kind of personal injury claim. Have a look at our page on trip and slip claims for more information.

When making a personal injury claim, you must prove you have suffered your injuries and losses, as well as establishing that the party you are claiming from is responsible for them. Collecting evidence, as soon as possible, to prove these points can greatly improve your chances of a successful claim. For hairdresser claims, important evidence could include:

  • Details of the hairdresser and the date and time of your appointment.
  • Details of the hairdresser’s actions, such as what preparations they undertook, what products were applied, what was said etc.
  • Photographs of your hair before and after the accident.
  • Details of any witnesses to your accident.

This may sound overwhelming, but Truth Legal’s expert solicitors will guide and support you throughout your claim. We have extensive experience of building successful personal injury compensation claims. Our advice and effective handling of your claim will ensure your claim is as easy as possible.

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