Calculating compensation for discrimination is not straightforward and involves weighing up the overall impact that it has had on you.

Compensation can be awarded on a number of bases, including:

  • Loss of earnings if you are dismissed or absent for discriminatory reasons.
  • Loss of pension and other benefits if you are dismissed for discriminatory reasons.
  • Other loss to you such as failure by your employer to grant a promotion, a bonus or to provide you with additional shifts or overtime.
  • Injury to feelings.  This is more difficult to measure than the loss of earnings.  The amount that is awarded is determined using some in the year April 2021 to April 2022, if the nature of the discrimination is not too severe, the lowest range of £900 – £9,100 in compensation will apply.  If the discrimination is more severe, the middle range of £9,100 – £27,400 will apply.  Finally, if the nature of the discrimination is very severe, the range of £27,400 – £45,600 will apply.  In exceptional circumstances, you might be entitled to compensation in excess of £45,600.
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