This will depend on the kind of claim you are making.

For a claim under the Animal Act 1971, or based upon the general law of negligence, you will have 3 years from the date of the attack to make the claim.

However, CICA claims have a shorter time limit of 2 years from the date of the attack, so if you think there may have been a criminal element to the dog bite, it is important to take action even sooner.

These time limits can be affected by other rules. For example, if the dog bite happened when you were under the age of 18, the time limit will begin running from the date of your 18th birthday instead. This change to the rule can be a bit more complicated in CICA claims, but the same principle of a delayed start to the time limit will apply.

These deadlines can quickly expire, and that can prevent you from making a claim. However, it is sometimes still possible for claims to be allowed beyond the time limit.

So, in any event, if you are considering a claim you should get in contact with us as soon as you can to see where you stand.

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