At Truth Legal, we understand that every Personal Injury is different, and you deserve expert advice based on your unique situation. That is why we do not use gimmicks such as ‘compensation calculators’ on our website. Instead, we offer bespoke advice and estimations following a consultation with on of our expert Personal Injury solicitors.

Personal injury compensation is based upon the harm you have suffered. This is assessed by looking at two elements of your injury:

  1. The pain and suffering it has caused you; and
  2. The effect it has had upon your life

With needlestick injuries, the physical injury itself may heal relatively quickly. If you have sustained psychological injuries, these may take much longer to resolve.

But it is often the way in which your life has been affected that is the greatest source of ‘harm’ following a needlestick injury. If you have contracted a virus or other infection from a contaminated needle, it could be life-changing. Lengthy testing and monitoring procedures for serious infections can lead prolonged uncertainty.

You may also be entitled to compensation for additional loss, such as:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical expenses and treatment costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Care and assistance

If you would like to know more about the different kinds of loss which may be included in a personal injury claim, you can download our free ebook: The Ultimate Personal Injury Compensation Guide.

When you instruct us, our expert solicitors will value your Personal Injury claim as soon as they have the information to do so. This ensures that you have a valuation founded upon your unique situation.

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