The cost of your family visa application will depend on the visa you are applying for. Below are the administration costs of different family-based visas.

Partner visa:  £1,464 from inside the UK and £1,523 from outside the UK.

Ancestry visas: £516

Dependant adult visa: £3,250

Family visit visas: £95

EEA Family permits: Free

Dependant child visa: The cost of a dependant child visa differs according to who the child is dependant on. 

  • Tier 1 visa holders: £608 for family members of exceptionally talented people, £1,878 for family members of entrepreneurs, £1,623 for family members of investors
  • Skilled Worker: £610 (or £464 if the visa is issued for a shortage occupation)
  • Students: £475
  • Temporary Worker: £244
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