This is a difficult question to answer without consideration of your circumstances.

No two injuries are the same. Even if two people receive largely similar injuries, their recovery times can vary greatly.

Compensation amounts for a personal injury should take into account various things such as:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • How long your injuries last
  • The pain and suffering they cause you
  • How your injuries have affected your normal life

And that’s just for your injuries. Your road traffic accident compensation claim can also include many other losses besides. For example:

  • Any lost earnings
  • Costs of treatment or medical care
  • Travel expenses
  • Care and assistance received from professionals or loved ones

All of this is why we do not put any compensation calculators on our website. They will not accurately reflect your situation.

Rather than give quick and misleading figures, our expert personal injury lawyers will give you an indication of value as soon as they have the information to do so accurately.

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