You are entitled to choose your legal representatives and this includes being able to change solicitors if you wish to. Switching solicitors is actually a straightforward process.

When you inform them of an accident, insurance companies will often pass your details to a claims management company. All the claims management company will do is shunt your case to one of the law firms they have agreements with. This means that your case will often be assigned to legal representatives which you have not chosen. Making your claim with the right firm of specialists, whom you trust, is vitally important in a personal injury claim.

If you find yourself in this situation, consider switching your solicitors to Truth Legal. Firms chosen by claims management companies are often set up to deal with high volumes of cases instead of giving their clients a quality bespoke service.

Similarly, if your solicitors or the unqualified people running your case do not understand passenger accident claims, then you should also consider changing solicitors. It is imperative that your representatives obtain the correct medical evidence to support your injury claim.

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