To successfully make a compensation claim for injuries sustained in a care home or nursing home, it must be shown that the home or its employees were negligent in their care towards your loved one.

To establish care home negligence, it must be proved that:

  • your loved one was owed a duty of care by the care home
  • the care home failed in this duty, or their standards fell short of those required
  • your loved one suffered an injury as a direct consequence of this

A care home automatically owes a duty of care to all of its residents. It is also responsible for the actions of the staff it employs. As such, establishing that a duty of care exists is very unlikely to be a problem.

Proving the other two steps is often more significant to a claim’s success. However, Truth Legal has years of experience in making successful care home compensation claims. We will tenaciously fight your cause to achieve a fair result. We have offices in Harrogate, Hull and Leeds and we have a presence in YorkLondon and Manchester. No matter where you might be, we pride ourselves on giving all of our clients an exceptional service, provided by personal injury solicitors, not paralegals in a call centre.

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