Claiming compensation following an accident is a way of taking positive action against the harm you have suffered. Whilst you can’t literally ‘undo’ the accident, you can obtain some financial redress for your injuries, and for the other losses you have suffered.

The unfortunate fact is that you will experience the consequences of the accident even if you do not make a claim. Claiming compensation may not be perfect, but it is often the only practical way of fixing the wrong you have suffered.

A compensation claim can also allow you:

  • Quicker access to treatment, helping with your recovery. Treatment funded by the other party’s insurers or through a medical agency can avoid the wait for NHS treatment or mean you do not have to pay privately yourself.
  • Financial help at a time when you may be worried about income. In certain circumstances, you can receive compensation payments whilst your claim is ongoing. These are called ‘interim payments’.
  • Recover money to which you are entitled – If you can establish your claim successfully (see below) then you are legally entitled to be compensated for your losses.
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