A needlestick injury claim will fall under one of two categories: a medical negligence claim, or an accident at work claim.

If you were a patient who suffered from a needlestick injury due to the negligence of a service provider, you will have a medical negligence claim. You will be required to prove that your healthcare provider failed in performing their duty of care, and that you were harmed as a result.

However, most needlestick injuries occur during the course of work – and particularly in the medical world. A 2019 survey of 510 surgeons, across a range of countries, found that 94% had experienced, or seen a colleague experience, a needlestick injury. Submitting an accident at work claim, you must prove that your employer was negligent and did not perform their duty of care towards you.

This duty includes:

  • Implementing and enforcing proper safety procedures for the disposal of needles and other sharp objects.
  • Providing adequate training and supervision of staff in the disposal of sharps.
  • Issuing suitable personal protective equipment to staff members who handle waste which does or may contain sharps.
  • Maintaining a clean and safe workplace environment.

At Truth Legal, our expert Personal Injury lawyers can offer support on a No Win, No Fee basis, whether you are making a claim against an employer or the NHS.

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