Besides claiming for your injuries themselves, you can include other expenses and losses which have resulted from your injuries.

With all additional losses, it is important to document them as much as is possible so that the loss, and the amount you are claiming for, can be proved.

Some examples of the kinds of loss you might be able to include in your claim are:

  • Travel expenses – to attend your GP or hospital, for example
  • Medical expenses and treatment costs – such as painkillers or physiotherapy sessions.
  • Care and assistance – if your injuries required a friend or relative to provide significant help in your daily life.
  • Loss of earnings – if you took time off work and did not receive full pay, or you lost a bonus due to your absence.
  • Mobility aids – such as walking sticks or a wheelchair
  • Future losses – such as anticipated reductions in your income, for example if your injury has shortened your working life or will require you to take on a new role with a lower salary.

There are many other kinds of loss besides those listed above. If you have encounter any losses due to your injuries, and you are not sure if you can claim for them, make sure to discuss these with your solicitor.

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