Compensation awards for injuries are valued on the extent of pain and suffering you have experienced, or may permanently experience. But they also include an appreciation of how your symptoms have affected your life.

For many motorcyclists, biking is their passion. And so, if your injuries have affected your enjoyment of riding your motorbike – physically or psychologically – this should also be reflected in your compensation claim.

In addition, a motorbike accident will almost certainly cause you to incur other losses. These could include damage to your motorbike itself, your leathers, helmet, and other damaged items.

As a general rule, losses can be included in your claim if they were caused by the accident, or as a consequence of your injuries. Some other common categories of loss include:

  • Travel expenses – such as taxi fares or mileage.
  • Medical expenses and treatment costs – such as physiotherapy or the costs of a wheelchair.
  • Lost earnings – such as reductions in your normal income or lost bonuses.
  • Care and assistance – whether provided by professionals, friends, or family.

Besides losses you have already incurred, you can claim for losses which you are likely to suffer in the future. For example, these could be future treatment costs or any future disadvantage your injuries may cause if you are required to find a new job.

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