Your injuries will likely be the main ‘harm’ for which you are claiming compensation. Compensation awarded for injuries is based upon two things:

  • The pain and suffering the injuries have caused you; and
  • What the injuries have prevented you from doing, or enjoying in normal life.

However, it is unlikely that your injuries will be the only loss you have suffered. Many financial losses can follow on from an accident, or occur as a consequence of your injuries. Some standard categories of losses are:

  • Loss of earnings – When you have been forced to miss work or otherwise lose out on income. This can cover many kinds of income such as: lost wages, bonus payments, commission, or anticipated earnings.
  • Travel expenses – For journeys made necessary by the accident, such as to attend your GP or hospital.
  • Medical expenses and treatment costs – To assist your recovery, such as painkillers or rehabilitation treatment.
  • Care and assistance – Where friends, family, or healthcare professionals are required to help you in your daily life.

There are many other kinds of loss for which you can claim compensation. If you would like to know more, download our free ebook: The Ultimate Personal Injury Compensation Guide.

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