Each claim is different. There will be aspects of your claim which will make it unique from all other cases, even if some circumstances may be similar. At Truth Legal, we recognise this and each claim we handle is treated individually.

From a legal point of view, a personal injury claim requires certain elements to be established in order to be successful. You must prove that:

  1. The other party owed you a duty of care and they failed in this duty. Every road-user owes a duty of care other road-users. To prove that the other party failed in their duty, it must be shown that they did not meet the standard of a ‘reasonably competent’ motorist. For example, if you were knocked off your bike by a bus which swerved suddenly into a cycle lane, there is a strong argument the bus driver did not meet the required standard as a reasonably competent driver would not have done this in normal circumstances.
  2. Their failure caused your injuries and losses. Your injuries and losses must have occurred as a consequence of their failure. So, to continue the example above, being knocked off your bike by the bus must have caused the injuries and losses for which you are claiming. You cannot claim for unrelated harm.
  3. The compensation you are claiming is reasonable. Everything you claim for must be supported with evidence. Medical evidence is used to prove your injuries and then forms the basis for a reasonable valuation. Only losses which have been reasonably incurred and are not excessive can be included.

These requirements may sound difficult to meet. It is true that a lot of work goes into a successful personal injury claim. But with experienced personal injury lawyers acting for you, your chances of success are greatly increased. Truth Legal will make the process as easy as possible for you through expert advice and support.

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