CICA Criminal Injuries Claim

TIME LIMIT: 2 Years*

We can help you to claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)

Our dedicated page on CICA Criminal Injury Claims can tell you more.

Civil Claim Against a Third Party

TIME LIMIT: 3 Years*

Some third parties can owe you a duty of care in certain situations.

The most common example is your employer. If you have been assaulted at work you may have a claim against them.

Civil Claim Against Your Attacker

TIME LIMIT: 3 Years*

If the identity of your attacker is known, and they have the funds or assets to cover your compensation and legal costs, you may be able to claim against them directly.

* These are the normal time limits for making a criminal injury compensation claim, starting from the date of your injury. They can sometimes change. If you are unsure, contact us to discuss your circumstances.

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