Cases involving head injuries require specialist legal knowledge. You should always instruct an experienced firm of solicitors to deal with such a claim. Ask your solicitor whether they have experience of head or brain injuries before and, if so, how many. Don’t assume that your lawyer is familiar with your injuries just because they are personal injury lawyers.

If your head injury is not the only injury you sustained in the accident, sub-standard legal representation could mean it is not properly investigated, or that it is missed out of your claim altogether, particularly if the head injury is incorrectly assumed to be a lesser injury to, say, a fracture.

At Truth Legal, Helen Beaumont is a specialist solicitor who has dealt with hundreds of personal injury claims. Many of these have included head injuries. She has the expertise needed to recognise the situations where in-depth, focused medico-legal evidence is required to fully investigate a potential head injury.

Truth Legal are personal injury experts who work tirelessly to obtain the compensation that our clients deserve. We pride ourselves on delivering an ethical, bespoke and efficient service, working as as team with our clients.

If we sound like the kind of solicitors you wish to instruct for your claim, contact us. Remember, even if your case has been assigned to a particular firm by a claims management company, you are entitled to instruct whichever solicitors you wish. We specialise in taking over compensation claims when other firms have provided a sub-standard service.

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