It’s that time of year again when everyone starts getting that festive feeling and everything is covered in tinsel and glitter. This year Truth Legal has joined in with the festivities: we have decorated our windows for the “Harrogate at Christmas” competition.

Surely, we were the first of the Harrogate solicitors to get their decorations up? Here they are ready by 14 November!

The “Harrogate at Christmas” competition has criteria: illumination – how well can you see the window from the moon? Innovation – how unique is the display in comparison to others? And the spirit of Christmas – how well does the display show the Christmas spirit? It is also judged in three categories – large, medium and small retailers. It also takes into account the non-town centre shops, so they will get recognition as well.

Everyone who is taking part will have a red bauble sticker which says “Harrogate at Christmas” displayed on their window – ours is on display. Those who have taken part will have paid a contribution to Harrogate at Christmas to fund the lights and decorations in the town centre. It’s all thanks to the volunteers who help to put them up that our town will shine throughout December (and half of November).

As Harrogate solicitors we love to support local businesses and we think this is a great way to increase the community spirit as well. As we are located in the town centre, we hope people will walk past and smile (or giggle) at our lit-up window and spread the word to participate in making the town look prepared for Christmas.

Everyone is getting the decorations up for the Big Switch-On on Thursday 16th November at the Victoria Shopping Centre Piazza, Harrogate which starts at 4pm and all the lights will be switched on at 6pm. The awards for the competition will be given out at this event which was judged on Tuesday 14th November.

As well as the competition, Daisybeck Studios will be filming a two-part documentary on how our town celebrates Christmas. It will include how money is raised for the Christmas lights in Harrogate and all the shops partaking in the decorations. This will be aired early December so look out for it on Channel 5!

Even if you’ve missed the competition you can still join the excitement and put your decorations up!

Our office is open until 23rd December and we reopen on 1st January 2018. Happy Christmas!

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