Harrogate Driving Offences

A Bradford man was banned from driving for six months after he was caught travelling through red lights at a level crossing in Harrogate. The man pleaded guilty to the driving offence at Harrogate Magistrates’ Court, and in addition to the ban was fined £415 plus costs and will receive six points when he regains his driving licence.

Police campaign to prevent stalking and harassment

At the beginning of February North Yorkshire Police launched a campaign concentrating on preventing harassment and stalking, as part of their ongoing NO HOME HERE scheme. Police aim to raise awareness of what constitutes stalking and harassment, including physical, verbal and online, and outlined ways to contact police and also initiate legal proceedings against individuals for a crime that is on the increase in the Harrogate area.


Harrogate arson attempts concern

A series of deliberate acts of arson raised concerns with police after a skip was set ablaze outside B&Q on Skipton Road. The fire was contained before any damage to people or property was caused, but police appealed for witnesses for what is becoming a more frequent occurrence in the area.

Harrogate police armed with new technology

North Yorkshire Police have a new tool to help with crime in Harrogate, as they took to the streets with new 4G handheld tablet devices in February, as part of a trial to reduce the time spent behind desks carrying out administrative work. Police can now gather evidence, report incidents and search police systems, but on the road, reducing the need to return to the office and increasing time spent in the Harrogate community.

Serious Harrogate road traffic accident

A section of the A661 outside Harrogate was closed on 15 February to deal with a serious road traffic accident between a Skoda and a Citroen. Both drivers were retained in hospital with a mixture of muscle, soft tissue, chest and abdominal injuries. Witnesses were asked to come forward to help establish liability for the incident, while the drivers recovered from their personal injuries.

Harrogate charity seeks to reduce employment discrimination

A Harrogate charity has appointed a job coach specifically to help prevent cases of employment discrimination and promote diversity and equality in the workplace for disabled people. Anthony Longmire has taken on the role of helping disabled people find work opportunities and internships with Disability Action Yorkshire, and to encourage employers to be more open to working with people who have disabilities and learning difficulties.

Key appointment in Harrogate property market

Harron Homes – one of the biggest property developers in Yorkshire – appointed a new managing director in February in Noel Adams, who is looking to develop the company’s brand name in Yorkshire and further establish the thriving Harrogate property market.

Proud Harrogate name achieves landmark recycling target

Harrogate Water – Britain’s oldest bottled water brand – has announced a landmark move towards 100% recyclability by securing sufficient availability of recycled PET plastic. This ensures that none of its glass and plastic waste now goes to landfill, a key move in making the economy of Harrogate a circular economy.

Harrogate Hospital nursing dispute escalates

Various nursing unions and staff united to rally against plans to transfer 300 staff at Harrogate Hospital to a subsidiary company. The main nursing union, UNISON, voted 97% against the proposal, which would see the staff working for Harrogate Healthcare Facilities Management, a proposed company outside the NHS. Employment law actions are sure to follow with the hospital claiming that staff members refusing to move to the new company will be presumed to have resigned their positions.

Council departments battle against severe weather

North Yorkshire Council services were hard at work in the last week of February protecting the vulnerable residents and keeping roads moving, as the Beast From The East hit the Harrogate region with severe weather. Road traffic accidents and personal injuries were frequent as people attempted to navigate the treacherous conditions, with a fleet of gritters and a network of social care staff attempting to safeguard the most vulnerable.

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