While minor injuries suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence may heal with time, there can be lasting psychological effects that may never heal. The effects of psychological trauma can be particularly devastating when a victim is a vulnerable person. It can be difficult recovering psychological loss, as there are strict legal guidelines and it’s often difficult to diagnose the extent of the injury. At Truth Legal, we are specialists at recovering for all types of personal injury and have a proven track record at recovering psychological losses. 

A Recent Case

A recent case highlighted just how damaging long-term psychological effects can be. An elderly lady contacted us, after suffering a fall in a private car park at a railway station. Her injuries were not physically substantial; a cut to the forehead and a sprained wrist, but, psychologically, she suffered a complete loss of confidence and independence due to the fear of something similar happening again.  

It was a warm, dry, spring day and Mrs. Morris*, previously of good health, good eyesight and mobility, had decided to walk, with her husband, to the shops. Their route, which they, and others, had used as a short cut for years, took them across the local train station car park. Unbeknownst to Mrs. Morris, recent repair works to the car park had not been completed to the required standard, leaving the car park dangerous to users. Mrs. Morris tripped on a patch of the repaired car park and suffered a nasty fall causing her injuries. Mrs. Morris was then taken to a hospital far from her home, as her injuries were initially considered too serious for her local hospital, and after requiring X-rays and stitches was permitted to return home.

Truth Legal

Still bleeding and in pain, Mrs. Morris spent the few days visiting her local hospital and GP.  Truth Legal was able to make a claim for all damages and losses including, all costs to her and her husband traveling to and from the hospital and the doctors, all medication, a compensatory award for the pain and suffering and most importantly her future loss of enjoyment tied to the loss of her independence. 

Psychological trauma Although liability (legal blame) was denied by the owners of the car park, when Truth Legal issued court proceedings, the insurers for the car park settled the claim, well before trial.

When claiming for psychological injuries, the law attempts to limit those that can claim by only allowing those sufficiently ‘close’ to the accident being able to claim for psychological trauma. Mrs. Morris, in this case as the person suffering the injury, of course, was able to claim and recover for psychological trauma. If her husband had suffered psychological harm as a result of seeing his wife fall, he may have also been able to claim.

If you have suffered an injury that has resulted in psychological trauma, or someone close to you has witnessed an accident to a loved one, and has suffered psychological harm, please contact us to see if you deserve compensation for your injuries.

Truth Legal has virtual offices in London, Manchester, with our Head Office in Harrogate. We are more than willing to sit down with you for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss if there are any ways in which we can help you.

Switch Solicitors

Are you in the process of making a claim with a solicitor and feel that psychological effects of an accident are not being properly accounted for? Consider switching solicitors to Truth Legal and have your losses, both physical and psychological, properly assessed.     

*Please note that names have been changed in this case description to preserve the anonymity of the parties involved. Any contact you have with us will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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