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When you are under the care of medical professionals you expect the best treatment and you put your trust in them, because you have to. In most cases, of course, our treatment, surgery and after-care is first class, but unfortunately there are occasions where care falls below the standard you expect and you can be left with injuries, illness and more mental anguish.

In cases of clinical negligence – also known as medical negligence – there is often a sense of injustice. You were expecting to feel better through a procedure that has already caused you distress, but mistakes, delays or other forms of negligence have led to you feeling worse.

As a result of that we believe that you deserve compensation for your distress and discomfort and our no win, no fee clinical negligence claims process is designed to help you achieve this compensation in the quickest and simplest way.

How does clinical negligence occur?

Clinical negligence usually occurs through surgical errors, misdiagnosis or care negligence. Within this there are many different ways where medical professionals can give you the wrong type of treatment, prescribe the wrong medicine or cause delays in you receiving the correct treatment or medicine. This can all lead to more severe injuries, corrective surgery and longer rehabilitation periods.

At Truth Legal, we believe that making a no win no fee clinical negligence claim is a right that you should have and we make sure this is simple and effective, and carries no additional costs. It is true that many people are put off making a clinical negligence claim for this reason, so our processes are designed to spare you any further discomfort and enable us to do the hard work for you.

Making a no win no fee clinical negligence claim

As trusted and respected clinical negligence solicitors, we have an experienced team who can help you on the road to recovery. Our first priority is your health, so we can help you arrange whatever is required; corrective surgery, rehabilitation treatment, therapy or simply the correct diagnosis. After this, we need to prove that negligence has taken place and that this directly caused the injuries you are now suffering. Once we have evidence of this we can proceed with a no win, no fee clinical negligence claim.

We understand that the clinical negligence claims process can be complex and proving negligence is not always straightforward. Our solicitors have helped many successful clinical negligence claims, on a no win, no fee basis, which is clear, honest and open and carries no hidden charges or clauses.

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