‘No Win, No Fee’ often represents the best way of funding a personal injury claim. It can allow you to pursue your legal rights, without the risk of being out of pocket if you are unsuccessful in recovering compensation.

Truth Legal can normally provide our specialist personal injury services on a No Win, No Fee basis, giving you peace of mind that you won’t end up worse off financially, and ensuring that your claim is backed by expert personal injury lawyers.

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Making a No Win, No Fee personal injury claim

At Truth Legal, we can usually offer No Win, No Fee Agreements in all kinds of personal injury claim, some examples include:

Why are No Win, No Fee Agreements helpful for personal injury claims?

We find that one of the most common worries clients have, when thinking about starting a personal injury claim, is whether they will be putting themselves at any greater financial risk by doing so.

This is the main benefit of making your claim under a No Win, No Fee Agreement, as the terms of the agreement will ensure that if you do not succeed in recovering compensation, you will not have to pay our legal fees.

If your claim is unsuccessful, there are some rare situations where you could be held responsible for the other side’s legal expenses – which they have incurred in defending your claim. However, this risk can be covered by taking out an insurance policy at the start of your claim (known as ‘After the Event’ or ‘ATE’ insurance). Sometimes, this risk might even be covered by insurance policies you already own, such as your car or home insurance.

When you start a claim, everything around funding it will be discussed with you in full, and you can always ask us any questions you might have.

Essentially, with a No Win, No Fee Agreement and insurance cover working in combination, the financial risks of making a claim are extremely minimal.

What happens when a compensation claim is successful?

On the positive side, when your personal injury claim is successful you will be awarded compensation for the losses you suffered due to the accident. Under a No Win, No Fee Agreement, a portion of your compensation will go to cover our legal fees, with some also being paid by the party or parties who paid your compensation. And unlike some other firms, Truth Legal will never charge you if the other party’s payments fall short of the value of the work carried out in your claim.

Of course, making a successful No Win, No Fee claim still means that you are placed in a better financial position overall – as, if you hadn’t made the claim, you wouldn’t have recovered any compensation.

The proportion of your compensation which would go towards your legal fees under the No Win, No Fee Agreement will always be discussed with you fully before you go ahead with the claim.

Starting your No Win, No Fee personal injury claim

The process of starting a No Win, No Fee personal injury claim is straightforward. After contacting us about your claim, the following steps will take place:

  • A free initial consultation, in which we will take details on your situation and assess whether you can make a claim.
  • A discussion of your funding options (see below), where we will provide full information on how the claim will be funded, based on the option you choose, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Consideration of insurance cover, by checking whether you have cover in place through any existing insurance policies, or whether an ATE insurance policy (mentioned above) would be recommended to secure you against possible costs.
  • Starting your claim once you are happy to go ahead.

Other funding options

No Win, No Fee is not the only way in which you can fund a personal injury claim. There are other funding options which you can explore when discussing your situation with one of our lawyers. For example, you might have legal expenses cover under an existing insurance policy that could fund your claim.

Truth Legal

Our team of highly experienced lawyers is ideally placed to help you with your personal injury claim. We constantly strive to secure the best results for our clients, whilst providing a first-class service, demonstrated by our excellent client reviews on Trustpilot and reviewsolicitors.

And with our promise to never charge extra for any shortfalls in the costs we recover from the other side, you can rest assured that your claim won’t feature any surprise fees at the end of it.

We are No Win, No Fee Personal Injury solicitors based in:

But we assist clients nationwide, helping them to recover the personal injury compensation that they deserve.

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