• 00m:45s – Ann explains why she calls herself  a self-employed Uber type barrister.
  • 03m:33s – Ann explains her career in law and how she ended up where she is today.
  • 05m:22s – Ann explains what the CPS is.
  • 06m:57s – Ann explains the types of cases she’s worked on.
  • 09m:00s – Why do lawyers need trade unions?
  • 10m:08s – How did Ann end up becoming a barrister?
  • 12m:06s – Ann talks about the types of clients she has, the types of work she does, which courts she finds herself in.
  • 13m:41s – Ann explains what she charges for various types of offenses.
  • 19m:44s – Ann’s opinion about speed limits.
  • 23m:40s – Why Ann does not do Legal Aid work.
  • 28m:35s – Ann’s tips for individuals who aren’t using solicitors or barrister.
  • 30m:24s – Ann explains how the magistrates court work.
  • 32m:40s – Ann’s career tips for budding lawyers.
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