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13s: Jem Henderson, the founder of Indieworx Collective on 53 Grove Road.

40s: Come and have a look! It’s modern, funky and indie! We opened 9 days ago, it’s a co-working space and innovation hub. The plan started 18 months ago when I read the Harrogate Borough Council’s economic growth strategy from 2017-2024. Got lots of start-ups and a well-educated population but they go elsewhere. How can we create better jobs here? I wrote a 20 page business plan with the help of the AD:VENTURE programme. We had our launch on Halloween, Cold Bath Brewing donated a 24 pack of beer and we got some ASDA pizzas in.

4min 54s: Is it expensive? It’s £18 for the day including tea and coffee, and we have good coffee! It’s a quieter, professional environment which is also relaxed. It’s about people talking and growing together.

6min 28s: We had our first cereal networking event so it’s a breakfast networking event. We don’t want sales people, we want people to help each other. We have an event on 29th November, Lightstart apps are coming over from Leeds and they have Digital Coffee Mornings where they brainstorm an app to benefit people.

7mins 52s: How many businesses can you have at one time? We currently have 24 formal desk spaces, meeting rooms to seat 8 people. We also have a 50″ screen for presentations or workshops.

8mins 35s: Our logo is Indieworx which looks scruffy and then collective which looks formal and it’s about bringing both types together.

9mins 57s: We lost £12.5k in funding but we were given tables from Major Tom’s, Steve from Pool Bank Vintage Interiors gave us a really good deal so we have some 1970’s school chairs. We also got some chairs donated from Ikea and we were given a foosball table. We got artwork from comic conventions and we have trainspotting posters. Steve also loaned us some film and music posters which are actually for sale but please don’t buy them!

12mins 0s: I’m a trekee – the room are named after Star Trek so there’s Voyager, Enterprise, Ten Forward and the boardroom is the Ready Room. It’s a unique place.

13mins 28s: Who don’t you want? Credit companies and debt collectors. They have to have an eye on the social consequences of what they do.

15mins 47s: Who do you want to say thank you to? Paul Berwin (solicitor), Andrew Stringer (accountant), Andrew Backhouse (branding). We are building towards the future including the parking sensors.

19mins 23s: What was your personal journey – I know you were homeless at the age of 16? I was born in Harrogate and had a troubled upbringing, was kicked out at 16 and I lived in a squat and then a hostel and had a breakdown at 19. I was an apprentice painter and decorator and then I was signed off sick. In that time, I got 3 degrees in: art, English literature and a masters in creative writing. I got a job as a tech copywriter and then I set up my own copywriting business.

23mins 24s: What is the future of Indieworx? We have loads of ideas. My friend who kicked alcoholism got a job as a chef who often have drinking problems with the unsociable hours etc. The idea here is to create a space where people can see people doing better.

25mins 35s: How can the people of Harrogate help you? By coming to use the space, run workshops and events, make a donation. You can also sponsor a desk.

27mins 31s: How can people contact you? Go to we also have Facebook, Twitter @indworx, Instagram and we are at 53 Grove Road.

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