Show Notes

  • 00m:42s – How did Julia end up as a family conflict coach and how could she help listeners of this podcast?
  • 02m:48s – Julia talks about some of her cases.
  • 05m:00s – Is Julia the only family conflict coach out there?
  • 08m:20s – Julia explains what mediation means.
  • 09m:52s – Julia talks about a successful difficult case with a Yorkshire farmer who experienced challenging times and how she helped him. The case involved high conflict and had complex emotional issues.
  • 11m:33s –How Julia prepares somebody for a mediation.
  • 14m:30s – Julia talks about how she balances her life with her portfolio career being a lawyer, mediator, conflict coach, lecturer at one of the top law schools in Leeds and a mother of young children.
  • 16m:20s – The craziest thing that Julia’s done.
  • 17m:57s – Julia explains how she charges for her services.
  • 19m:58s – Julia gives some examples of typical cases that she handles.
  • 22m:19s – Julia shares her top tips to prevent family conflict over succession issues.
  • 25m:26s – Julia talks about how she can help family businesses around Harrogate and surrounding areas to manage conflict.
  • 28m:19s – Julia talks about her career as a Consultant lawyer
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