Show Notes

01m:45s – Keith talks about his special relationship with Pateley Bridge.

06m:30s – How did Keith end up joining the police?

12m:22s – Keith talks about being the first officer to attend the first Yorkshire Ripper murders in Leeds on Scott Hall Avenue.

18m:10s – How did Keith become everyone’s favorite bank manager when bank managers weren’t popular?

19m:17s – How did Keith end up owning the oldest sweet shop in the world?

23m:40s – Keith talks about his stewardship of the Nidderdale Chamber of Trade.

28m:01s – Keith talks about the events that he’s led lately.

33m:12s – What the pros and cons of living around Nidderdale?

37m:35s – Keith talks about trying to do things for people working with the community, working with organizations, trying to make things happen.

39m:42s – How did Keith find out that he was being awarded the MBE?

42m:00s – Did Keith offer Prince Charles a sweet with a sword?

44m:20s – Is an MBE something that defines Keith now?

46m:26s – Keith’s viewpoint on cycling in Yorkshire, how well it’s been managed or not and the pros and cons for the business community.

53m:10s – What would Keith do to solve Harrogate’s business issues?

58m:55s – Keith’s tips for a happy, successful, lengthy marriage.

61m:02s – Keith’s business tips for people in the retail industry.

65m:25s – The truth behind Keith’s sweet tooth.

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