Show Notes

  • 1min 26s – Michelle explains what Resurrected Bites is & how it was founded.
  • 3mins 49s – Michelle explains about the future expansion of Resurrected Bites
  • 6mins 20s- Michelle details her background & how she ended up in Harrogate supporting worthwhile causes.
  • 8mins 2s – Michelle explains the hidden side of Harrogate & the need for food banks
  • 12mins 30s – Andrew asks if offering free food is challenging the high street
  • 13 mins 35s – Andrew asks about Christianity & being a scientist
  • 15mins 15s – Michelle details why she produced a Minding The Gaps report
  • 18mins17s – Michelle explains how she got involved with Zero Carbon Harrogate
  • 23mins 8s – Michelle says she would like to encourage people to try and support local shops and buy good quality food.
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