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23s: Suzie Muir is here with a marketing pitch. She was born in York and went to art school. Suzie is here to talk about the Yorkshire Business Review. There is a void in the market place to celebrate fantastic business achievements. We are great at what we do – financial services, law firms, manufacturing and exports yet we rarely get to hear about it. The Yorkshire Business Review gives us the platform to get those messages out there with like-minded people like CEOs, partners, lawyers, etc. coming together to learn about each other’s industries and find synergy but also help each other in developing their business.

3mins 5s: You are helping to give a voice to those businesses. What goes on locally, we rarely get to hear about. The professional services firms are really good, and people don’t know how good they are.

5mins 10s: There will be initially 5,000 hard copies which will be distributed strategically for the target audience – Bradford and Doncaster airport, hotel foyers, universities and colleges etc. There will also be an e-magazine. This will be updated in real-time. If you have a story in the middle of the week, it can be published there and then.

6mins 55s: What are the other publications? We have recently re-branded our name to Local Q, it used to be Newsquest. The magazines specific for the Yorkshire region would be: Harrogate Living, Yorkshire Living, Prime Magazine, the beautiful Stray Magazine.

7mins 35s: You used to work for the Johnston Press with the Harrogate Advertiser. I worked in the recruitment advertising area.

8mins 10s: What is so wonderful about doing business in the Harrogate region? The businesses here are the backbone of where we live and the local community sense from the publications we have. People feel comfortable because it’s a well-known Yorkshire brand name, but we also have a huge national reach because of technology. You are a Harrogate lawyer, but you could have clients in London and we can reach those customers for you.

9mins 26s: Tell us where you get your content from. We have an award-winning editor named Susan Stevenson who is very experienced in what she does. It is collaborative and people contact Susan about success stories they have. If you are an advertiser in the magazine, and you have a success story you want to talk about, we are happy to run that. We also have fantastic business awards.

11mins 16s: How do people contact you? The website isn’t live yet, but you can come to me direct at the York Press office at also the which has all the details on there. Our head of advertising, Jane Hanson, her details are also on the website.

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