Time Stamped Show Notes:

01m:11s – Vanessa’s background and how it is she found herself in this rather unusual but a very exciting niche.

 06m:50s – How Vanessa got into law and accounting.

09m:22s – Vanessa talks about her business and the book The True Worth Expert.

13m:55s – Vanessa explains the equation UV + CV + CD = CW.

23m:28s – Vanessa’s advice for lawyers about setting their rate.

25m:43s – Vanessa talks about freelance solicitors and some challenges for people engaging freelance solicitors and whether they should engage them or use traditional law firms.

30m:24s – Vanessa talks about whether those that charge more are the better lawyers.

31m:05s – When Vanessa is training lawyers, what is it that she is looking for when trying to analyze how capable the lawyer is?

32m:49s – Why are people so incredibly scared of public speaking?

35m:19s – Vanessa then talks about personality profiles and her own methodology of analyzing.

38m:24s – How has Vanessa in her own life dealt with bad habits and improved her good habits?

40m:05s – What are Vanessa’s daily habits?

43m:02s – Vanessa’s final tips about how listeners can improve their negotiating position with lawyers and accountants.

Find more about Vanessa Ugatti at www.TheTrueWorthExpert.com. Also find Vanessa Ugatti on LinkedIn and Facebook. Vanessa’s phone no. is 01202 743961.

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