People attacked at work are being urged to ensure they claim suitable compensation, as a report highlights as many as four attacks per week have taken place against council staff in Manchester.

A freedom of information request made by Andrew Gray of Truth Legal has unearthed figures from between May 2011 and May 2012, which reported over 200 assaults on vulnerable Manchester council staff trying to carry out their work.

In total, 206 violent incidents were reported for the period, which included head teachers, a nursery nurse, care workers, a dinner lady, a street cleaner and a street warden amongst the victims. These were categorised as 168 physical attacks and 38 threats, but regardless of their nature, the end result is anxiety and emotional strain, in addition to possible injuries. In any circumstances, the victims of an attack at work are entitled to seek compensation for their ordeal, when their employer has failed in their duty to provide a safe and comfortable workplace, albeit this has to be proven.

attacks at work

Increase in attacks at work

These figures were an increase on the previous year and involved incidents in schools in Manchester in particular, with 98 incidents in specialist schools, 16 in primary schools and eight in secondary schools. A further 17 incidents took place in public places, while 11 were in children’s centres and 18 in adult social care settings.

Truth Legal commented that the figures showed a significant increase in violence against staff, particularly in the context that the numbers of council staff had been severely reduced during the period in question. However, the council responded by claiming the percentage of attacks against the thousands of council employees showed that violent incidents were “comparatively rare”.

For all its job positions and situations, the council says that it undertakes risk assessments and also provides thorough training for its employees. However, the element of risk for council employees is impossible to entirely eliminate, particularly for the many front line staff who come into contact with the public and often have to work in challenging situations. An employer must provide support for its employees following an attack, but notwithstanding this, protection for employees should extend to everything being done to prevent an attack in the first place.

Specialist attacks at work solicitors

Our founder at Truth Legal, Andrew Gray, has worked for many years as a specialist solicitor dealing with assault at work, and this experience was fundamental in him starting his own law firm. Claims for being assaulted at work can be taken against the employer, the attacker and for criminal injuries. But they are a difficult legal area, particularly when claiming against an employer, because it can be a challenge to prove the employer has been negligent. Therefore, our expertise and direct knowledge in this area, in terms of being able to find the right evidence and use it in the right way, has helped many clients in many different industry sectors over the last few years.

We are specialist solicitors in all areas relating to attacks at work, this includes advising on your rights with regards to sick pay and how you should be treated when you return to work, so contact us today and we can take up your case and assist you throughout the claims process.

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