We recently acted for a young man in relation to a Road Traffic Accident and successfully won his case.

As our client had a strong claim we offered him a ‘No Win, No Fee Agreement’. This provided him with a way of funding his claim at no financial risk to him.

We advised our client that if his claim was successful, then he was required to make a contribution to our legal costs. This contribution would be taken from the compensation awarded and is known as a ‘success fee’. A success fee can never be more than 25% of the compensation. This is pretty standard for personal injury law practice.

The Accident Circumstances

On around 27 September 2014, our client was driving a Vespa scooter, overtaking stationary traffic, heading towards a roundabout, when a negligent, irresponsible driver turned to the right, without signalling, colliding with our client and knocking him off his scooter.

The scandalously negligent driver admitted fault for the accident at the scene and apologised to our client, saying that it was his fault as he did not look in the mirror and he did not indicate.

As a result of the Defendant driver’s negligent driving, our client suffered a dislocated shoulder, fractured ribs, scarring and psychological issues. Our client was lucky, and made a good, quick recovery. Our client didn’t take too long off work.

After we submitted the claim, the Defendant’s insurance company quickly admitted liability for the accident.

How much Compensation

We had our client medically examined by an independent medical expert close to his home, in order to obtain a prognosis period for his injuries and to find out if he required further medical treatment.

Once we had obtained a comprehensive medical report, which our client approved, we submitted full details of the claim to the insurance company, which included damages for his injuries, damaged items, incurred telephone expenses, care and assistance, travel expenses, and medical expenses.

In addition, our client received a course of physiotherapy which assisted his recovery – all paid for by the insurance company.

The claim settled in January 2016: our client was awarded around £4100.00 in compensation. He was delighted with the outcome and the service provided by Georgina Parkin, Andrew Gray and Laura Morgan.

Our client did not have to attend a Court hearing and all the necessary legal work was carried out by us on his behalf. This meant he could have as much or as little involvement in the claim as he wanted.

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident which it was not your fault, then please contact one of our specialist personal injury solicitors. We would be pleased to act for you on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Do not instruct a paralegal who has hundreds of cases. Research your solicitor carefully.

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