Truth Legal Solicitors was established over five years ago by Andrew Gray as a firm dealing with personal injury, medical negligence and employment law. Andrew is now the successful founder and solicitor of the most honest and ethical law firm in Harrogate, Truth Legal, at only 38 years of age.

In 2016, Andrew spoke with Christopher Small over on his podcast – Art of Lawyering. At the time Andrew Gray was the first international guest to ever feature on these podcasts, and for very good reason. Having set up his own law firm at such a young age, Small wanted to know all about Andrew’s motivation, determination and success. Here are a few of the things Andrew spoke about.

Andrew Gray Personal Injury Solicitor Harrogate “I wasn’t afraid.”

One thing you may always associate with quitting your comfortable job to set up your own business is fear. Fear of the unknown and apprehension about whether or not it will work out. However, not for Andrew. He openly talks about the fact that he was not afraid, but rather determined to make Truth Legal a success as any positives he would gain from the experience would out-weigh the negatives.

Converting to Law after having completed a political science degree, Andrew talks of coming from a political and business driven background. Growing up, tea time conversations often revolved around business, his parents continually dedicating their efforts to their own business. This can only have fed Andrew’s fascination with starting his own firm.

But, not any old firm would do. Andrew aspired to set up an ethical, affordable solicitors office with the lowest hourly rates. Providing access to justice for all people. This also led into his choice of law firm, one dealing with personal injury law. To him “morality of law is so important”, and most certainly ‘up there’ in terms of ethics. This pathway, therefore, allows Truth Legal Solicitors to create client relationships, something Andrew describes as a “great feeling” in the podcast.

“Setting up a law firm with a tiny, tiny budget” allowed Andrew to dictate how he uses his time, and although running a law firm undoubtedly requires immense amounts of hard work and commitment not to mention determination, making the decision to set up his own business enabled Andrew to spend more time with his family, rather than commuting long hours into work each day.

So, not only did Andrew’s decision to quit his job and founder Truth Legal allow him to execute ethical work or have more flexibility with time, he also found it enhances his skills as a lawyer.

“I am an infinitely better lawyer.”

The pleasure of finding a case which helps someone out is an incomparable thrill for Andrew, one he certainly never felt at law school. By leaving his previous, corporate job in Leeds Andrew was able to dictate the philosophy of Truth Legal, making it the most ethical and affordable law firm in the area. Although larger firms are suitable for vast numbers of clients, Truth Legal are perfect for specific clients, allowing the formation of close client relationships.

So, rounding off with a quick-fire round of questions Christopher Small allows Andrew to reflect on the journey of establishing Truth Legal, and how much he has achieved at such a modest age, not only on the success of being the first guest featured on Small’s podcast from overseas!

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