Continuing our local community focus, we took great pleasure in recently contributing to the swimming pool fund of Willow Tree Primary School in Harrogate. As a result we were pleased to see the grand re-opening of the pool on Friday 25th May.

The pool at Willow Tree Primary School is quite a unique facility and one that the school and its pupils are rightly proud of. It is a vital resource for the 530-plus pupils at the school but had been closed for 18 months after pump and boiler repairs left the school with a significant maintenance and repair bill.


Community-focused solicitors

Willow Tree completely self-fund the pool with no assistance from the Government, but the price for having such a wonderful on-site facility was keenly felt when it fell into disrepair with no funds to address the problem.

This is where local, community-focused businesses in the Harrogate area have been able to help, and while the pool had been out of action for a long time, the funds were raised and the repair work carried out in time for the grand re-opening this month.

Swimming has been part of the national curriculum for a number of years, with primary school pupils required to be able to swim a full 25 metre length unaided before they leave Year 6. And naturally, the pupils at Willow Tree are swimming crazy, with all years 1 to 6 having weekly swimming lessons, including those less able-bodied children who have a hoist and accessible changing facilities to assist them.

A vital resource to the school

Clearly the pool is a vital resource to the school and we are delighted to play our part in keeping the children fit and healthy, with swimming being one of the essential lifeskills that everyone should learn.

Various fundraising events have taken place over the last few months and the Truth Legal donation led to us receiving the considerable honour of an invitation to the grand re-opening, which featured presentations, musical entertainment and a guided tour of the refurbished pool and facilities at Willow Tree. Primarily though, it was a way to say ‘thank you’ for the donations and support which have resulted in the pool being re-filled and the happy sound of children swimming being heard once again.

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