Back in 2012, Truth Legal was born. It started out as a small, boutique-style law firm that specialised in personal injury, clinical negligence and employment law. Our head office in Harrogate was (and still is) a key part of who we are, and last year we outgrew our first floor town centre office and made the move to larger, more accessible premises.

In 7 years, we feel we achieved a lot, not only with the growth of our team, our ability to offer more free legal advice and our range of services, but also with our website.


A little over 2 years ago we relaunched our website and it is what you see today – a fresh, content-rich platform that fulfils our key objectives of giving people the trust and reassurance to get in touch with us for expert legal advice. We never thought we’d achieve the stats we have in 2 years but people really do seem to like – and respond – to our website.

We offer a plethora of information on here, for a start. Our Legal Library offers free downloadable documents for client use. Our Blog is updated weekly, sometimes daily, with new topics, legal advice and case studies. Our Service pages, such as personal injury, employment law and clinical negligence, offer lots of key advice and detail how Truth Legal can help. We’re pretty proud of our website and we are certainly grateful to receive the visitors that we do.

Our website used to get a few hundred visitors a month. We’re a Harrogate based law firm, not city based, so we expected this to be in line with what a local law firm might achieve. Nevertheless, when we relaunched 2 years ago, we started to see things really change.

Traffic started to increase – and it kept increasing – with monthly visits on average up 180% on the previous year. Last month (May 2019) we had 28,701 visits to the site, with 24,786 being unique users. Our Blog had over 50,000 page views last month. We have analysed our data and truly believe it is clear that our content-rich blog is delivering targeted traffic to the site. People read our blog posts, and not only that, they actually get in touch with us after reading them too. We like to think we have given these people the confidence to get in touch with a law firm that understands their position, whether it’s a case of being made redundant or just us highlighting our expertise in a specific area.

Here’s a snapshot of our website traffic since April 2017 (the dips are just due to Christmas!):

truth legal traffic stats

Following the success of our website, we have been able to expand the Truth Legal team and offer more services. We now have 17 members of staff and offer additional services including immigration law and family law. We’ve also added new creative content to support our Blog, including a podcast section and also very detailed and useful legal guides.

Update as of March 2020: We have also now appeared on the Feedspot Top 100 UK Law Blogs!

We hope that we will continue to grow our reach and we would like to thank everyone for visiting, and reading, our Blog, helping it to become one of the top legal blogs in the UK. If you would like to contribute to our Blog, please click here for details.

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