Truth Legal has a new look!

In the last few days, we launched our brand new website. It has been carefully designed to make our wide range of services and free legal resources easily accessible to all. And with its open, clean, and vibrant style, we believe it perfectly reflects our values of truth, morality, and the determined pursuit of justice.

Our refreshed list of services

The new site also features our re-vamped service offering. We still provide highly skilled, and ethically led legal services in the following areas:

But we now have two new sections of the website, covering:

Professional Negligence

This area is all about claims that can arise if you have been let down by a professional – such as an accountant, financial advisor, surveyor, or lawyer. If you relied upon a professional’s advice, or instructed them to carry out work for you, and you incurred losses because they did not fulfil their duties to the required standard, you may be able to make a professional negligence claim.

Business Services

Our new Business Services section is a collaboration between our employment law and immigration law teams. Each team offers a full range of services to assist businesses in these areas individually, but we can also provide comprehensive support for businesses who need both, for example when looking to engage and retain skilled workers from overseas.

Our free legal resources

Truth Legal has always believed in providing as much free knowledge and resources as possible. Our Legal Resources section is still packed full of free content to help you understand more about the legal problems you may be facing.

To highlight just a few, we have downloadable sample documents in our Legal Library, detailed Legal Guides on different types of legal issues, and a Knowledge Centre which explains a host of technical terms and concepts in clear everyday language. And all of that is alongside our blog, podcasts, videos, webinars and FAQs!

Find out more about us

With excellent reviews on both Trustpilot and reviewsolicitors, Truth Legal has been helping clients with their legal issues for over 10 years – and our new website represents an exciting next step in that journey.

We have offices in Harrogate, Leeds, and Hull, but our experienced team of friendly lawyers is always ready to help clients nationwide.

If you would like to talk to us about a legal issue you’ve encountered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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