Truth Legal Woodland Truth Legal are making a formal commitment in their quest to become a carbon neutral organisation in the next five years by sponsoring a woodland. You might think a legal firm doesn’t have the biggest carbon footprint in the UK, but that hasn’t stopped Truth Legal making good on their pledge to monitor their carbon emissions and do everything they can to offset that with carbon positive action.

Make it Wild is a family run conservation business. Their main focus is tree planting and habitat creation to support wildlife, and they also sell a range of eco-friendly products.

Our founder Andrew Gray has taken an active role in the scheme, which has enriched his family life, and now this involvement has extended to an amazing commitment from Truth Legal.

Our individual responsibility to reducing our carbon footprint

In a statement move, Truth Legal has pledged to support the green commitments of the local area and the wider environment the world over, by sponsoring a woodland area within Bank Woods being created by Make It Wild near Pateley Bridge. Truth Legal will sponsor the planting of 1500 trees; one for every client the organisation has represented since being founded in April 2012.

This move will create a positive environmental impact, which will offset the unavoidable negative environmental impacts that we are continually monitoring and looking to reduce. Truth Legal are fully aware of our individual responsibility as a local business. From our Harrogate base we take an active role in reducing the carbon impact of businesses and the local population. We are corporate members of the ‘Zero Carbon Harrogate’ initiative where we play an important role in developing schemes which contribute to the commitment to make Harrogate a carbon neutral town by 2030.

Our move to plant trees and sponsor the Truth Legal Woodland at Bank Woods is a firm and progressive commitment to give something back to the environment, to use our clients’ funds in a resourceful, ethical and impactful way and to play our part in making Harrogate a carbon neutral area.

We are also proud to become a small shareholder in Long Lands Common, another fantastic local initiative of community owned woodland in Harrogate and Knaresborough (more info to come soon!).

Local solicitors sponsoring a greener future

Truth Legal are a local solicitors sponsoring a greener future. We believe that re-investing money in the local community is a sustainable way to build a more positive future and to include all our clients in that journey. We can achieve far more when we work together, so we are happy to extend an invitation to any of our current clients to join us in the Truth Legal Woodland at Bank Woods to see where the money is being re-invested, to see the wholesome impact it is going to make and to enjoy the woodland as a healthy, family activity, just like the good folk of Truth Legal do. If you would like to visit Bank Woods, please contact us so we can arrange this.

Sponsoring the Truth Legal Woodland at Bank Woods enables it to be developed and maintained for long term health and prosperity, and also helps to provide facilities so that everyone can enjoy it. This is why Truth Legal are delighted to be making this commitment, because we know it is a legacy that can be enjoyed by future generations and we know it is a positive and resourceful way to re-invest in our local community and the wider environment.

If you would like to know more about Make It Wild, you can read about it here, we will keep you informed about the developing woodland and how your money is contributing to it, and if you would like to speak to us directly about it, get in touch with any of our team today.

Explore the new Truth Legal Woodland section!

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