As a prominent fixture in the town centre, we like to think we are not just a ‘solicitors in Harrogate’ but a part of the community too. Our honest and ethical policies at Truth Legal mean we have a central focus on the wellbeing of our community and by the nature of the work we do, we get great satisfaction from helping local people and being a trusted resource for legal advice in Harrogate.

This is why we also like to get involved in local events, and as an important part of the infrastructure of the town we take great pleasure in mixing with the community and contributing to the positive civic spirit that we exist within every day.

legal bake off

Supporting the community in Harrogate

Our most recent such event was the Great Legal Bake Off, an annual fundraising event organised by the Access To Justice Foundation and the Citizens Advice Bureau, and in this region, in conjunction with the Yorkshire Legal Support Trust. Truth Legal staff attended at the Citizens Advice Bureau in Harrogate, donating funds in return for delicious cakes!

The event was a week of fundraising based around selling sweet and savoury treats, holding coffee mornings, afternoon teas and internal baking competitions. All these goods were, in accordance of course with the very popular TV programme, baked by the many legal teams that took part across the country.

Access to justice was very much the central theme behind the event, the idea being that the funds raised would contribute towards getting free legal advice and access to justice for those who cannot afford it.

Harrogate solicitors contribute to access to justice

The event spanned the week from 12th-16th February 2018 and our contribution in Harrogate took place on Thursday 15th. It was undoubtedly a great, fun event and our team at Truth Legal really enjoyed taking part and helping to raise some dough! Overall, the event has raised over £7,000 nationwide so far, but contributions are still being sent in and recorded, so the final total will be much more. The Bake Off event is fast becoming an annual fundraiser with over 140 legal practices taking part in 2017 and we are sure there will be a similar number this time around when all the results are in.

Getting access to justice is one of the fundamental rights that we believe in at Truth Legal, and as a respected solicitors in North Yorkshire we are proud to back this campaign to support such a basic entitlement for people of all ages and backgrounds. Everybody is entitled to legal support and advice and this shouldn’t be denied to you just because you cannot afford it.

The Great Legal Bake Off is a fundraising initiative we will always be happy to support. Probably the most satisfying aspect of being one of the most popular solicitors in Harrogate is that we mix with the people every day, and are accepted as an important resource to the town and its people, and the Great Legal Bake Off is just one of the ways in which we love to contribute.

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