• Immigration Solicitor Frances Ledbury Interviewed for Leeds Newsdays


    Immigration Law

    Watch Truth Legal's Immigration Solicitor, Frances Ledbury, interviewed on Leeds Newsdays discussing the latest immigration policies.

  • Immigration Solicitor Frances Ledbury Featured On Politics North Discussing Immigration Bill


    Immigration Law

    Immigration Solicitor Frances Ledbury Featured On Politics North Discussing Immigration Bill

  • Why Does my Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) Expire on 31st December 2024?


    Immigration Law

    If you were granted leave to remain after 1st January 2020, you may have received a Biometric Residence Permit, or BRP, that has an incorrect expiry date.

  • Sponsor Licence Compliance and Staying on the Right Side of the Home Office


    Immigration Law

    Louis MacWilliam webinar on sponsor licence compliance and the key matters you need to be aware of when sponsoring a skilled worker.

  • How to Sponsor a Care Worker: Everything You Need to Know


    Immigration Law

    Louis MacWilliam and Michelle Lee break down everything you need to know about sponsoring a care worker following new UK legislation, from beginning to end.

  • Global Mobility Routes: UK Expansion Worker Visas


    Immigration Law

    We explore the global mobility routes and focus on UK expansion worker visas, giving you insights into the requirements for the business and requirements for the worker.

  • Surinder Singh Route or Partner Visa? Final Thoughts Before the Door Closes


    Immigration Law

    Louis MacWilliam, head of immigration at Truth Legal says more about this topic in this video.

  • Sponsor licence costs – everything you need to know


    Immigration Law

    Michelle, part of our immigration team at Truth Legal, talks about all of the costs you can expect with sponsor licences.

  • Will Excess Absences Affect My Naturalisation Application


    Immigration Law

    Michelle Lee of Truth Legal discusses absences affecting naturalisation applications.

  • How long should I sponsor my skilled worker for?


    Immigration Law

    Immigration Solicitor Michelle talks duration of sponsorship in our latest video.

  • EU Settlement Scheme Covid Update: Is it Good News (Yes!)


    Immigration Law

    Louis and Michelle of Truth Legal discuss the latest update.

  • How to Hire and Sponsor a Thai or Vietnamese Chef


    Immigration Law

    Louis MacWilliam explains this further in this video.

  • Moving To The UK As The Family Member Of A Qualifying British Citizen


    Immigration Law

    Louis MacWilliam talks about this topic more in this video.

  • Can I Sponsor a Family Member Under a Home Office Sponsor Licence?


    Immigration Law

    Louis talks about this technical matter further in this video

  • How we can work with your firm on immigration cases


    Immigration Law

    Louis talks about the process of working with law firms on immigration cases.

  • Hiring non-EU nationals: are we entering a golden era of immigration?


    Immigration Law

    Louis and Andrew discuss whether we are entering a golden era for hiring non-EU nationals.

  • Sponsoring under the Skilled Worker route


    Immigration Law

    Louis MacWilliam, head of immigration at Truth Legal discusses sponsoring under the skilled worker route with Andrew Gray.

  • 5 Things Regina IP Got Badly Wrong About UK Immigration Law


    Immigration Law

    In this video, Immigration Solicitor Louis MacWilliam and Immigration Consultant Jennie Chau, discuss 5 things that Regina Ip got badly wrong about UK immigration law.

  • How to make a successful spouse or partner visa application


    Immigration Law

    Head of Immigration at Truth Legal Solicitors, Louis MacWilliam, advises on how to make a successful spouse or partner visa application.

  • The Basics of Immigration Law


    Immigration Law

    Louis MacWilliam talks about the basics of immigration law and the effect Brexit will have on EU nationals.

  • Financial Advice Before An Accident


    Personal Injury

    Tom Hatley, financial adviser, talks about how you should prepare before an accident.

  • 14 Common Mistakes Personal Injury Clients Make


    Personal Injury

    Andrew Gray talks about the 14 common mistakes that personal injury clients make.

  • Employment Law Basics: 5 Essential Documents


    Employment Law

    Navya and Mirek discuss employment law basics: 5 essential documents

  • 14 Things You Should Do After Being Fired


    Employment Law

    In our latest video, founder of Truth Legal, Andrew Gray, advises on 14 things you should do after being fired.

  • How To Protect Yourself In Unemployment


    Employment Law

    Tom Hatley, financial adviser, talks about how you can protect yourself if you were to become unemployed.

  • Settlement Agreements From An Employers Perspective


    Employment Law

    Lynda Fenton from Empact on everything to do with settlement agreements and why they benefit both parties.

  • The Employment Tribunal Process


    Employment Law

    Barrister Kevin McNerney describes the employment tribunal process and what you need to do to bring an employment claim.

  • Andrew Gray’s Law Presentation to St Aidan’s School, Harrogate


    Student Law

    Truth Legal solicitor, Andrew Gray, was asked to give an in-person presentation to 6th formers at St Aidan’s about a career in law.

  • Free Webinars for Aspiring Lawyers – Register Today


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    Register for a Truth Legal Webinar today and hear tips and advice from our expert lawyers on current topics and recent legal cases.

  • A Tour Around The Truth Legal Woodland With Andrew Gray



    Truth Legal founder, Andrew Gray, visits the Truth Legal Woodland in Nidderdale, Yorkshire, to show you around the beautiful area.