In recent years, the UK has attempted to position itself as a hub for global talent, attracting ambitious individuals from around the world. The UK Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence system offers a pathway for businesses to tap into this talent pool and contribute to their growth. Sponsoring a student under this system can provide numerous advantages for employers: Opening doors to diverse skills and expertise.

In this blog post, and building on other posts about Sponsor Licence applications in the UK, we will explore five key advantages of sponsoring a student, rather than other individuals, under the UK Skilled Worker sponsorship system.

5 Big Advantages of Sponsoring a Student

  1. Exemption from the Immigration Skills Charge: One of the significant advantages of sponsoring a student under the Sponsor Licence system is the exemption from the Immigration Skills Charge. This charge, which applies to employers recruiting non-UK nationals, can be a significant financial burden. By way of example, should you be a large sponsor it costs £1000 per year that you wish to sponsor your employee for. This can be £5000 for the 5 years your skilled worker would require to complete the path to settlement. By sponsoring a student, businesses can save on this cost, allowing them to allocate resources towards other essential areas, such as training and development programs, or attracting the best candidates with a more advantageous remuneration package.
  2. Opportunity to Test Employability: Employing a student on their student visa before sponsoring them as a skilled worker offers a unique advantage for employers. This arrangement allows businesses to test the student’s skills, work ethic, and fit within the company before making a long-term commitment. This trial period can serve as a valuable opportunity to assess their potential contribution, making the decision to sponsor a student more informed and strategic.
  3. Familiarity with the UK: Students who have pursued their education in the UK bring with them a valuable advantage – familiarity with the local culture, society, language and climate amongst other things. This familiarity helps them integrate seamlessly into the workplace; adapt quickly to their new roles; and collaborate effectively with colleagues.
  4. UK Trained Top Talent: The UK education system has long been recognized for its excellence, producing graduates with world-class skills and knowledge. By sponsoring a student who has completed their education in the UK, employers gain access to this talent pool. These students have already demonstrated their commitment to education, honed their skills through training, and acquired industry-relevant knowledge during their studies. Leveraging their expertise can significantly enhance the productivity and innovation within an organization.
  5. Meeting English Language Requirements: Sponsoring a student ensures that employers can rely on professionals who already meet the English language requirement. The UK skilled worker visa specifies a high level of English as a crucial skill for a Skilled Worker visa and is indeed an essential requirement. However, students have already passed the required level of English at a higher level and so automatically meet the English requirement for a Skilled Worker visa. By sponsoring a student who has already met this requirement, employers can streamline their recruitment process and ensure a smooth transition into the workforce.

Targeting international students as part of your recruitment plan, within the UK Sponsor Licence system, presents a range of advantages for employers looking to tap into a pool of skilled talent. From exemptions in fees to the opportunity for a trial period, the benefits are substantial. By sponsoring students who are already familiar with the UK, possess exceptional skills and knowledge, and meet the language requirements, businesses can gain hard workers who can seamlessly join their team. Embracing the potential of these talented individuals can be a strategic move that utilises the Sponsor Licence in a highly effective way.

If you have any questions about sponsoring a student, want to apply to apply for a Skilled Worker sponsor licence, or have any other issue to do with sponsorship, contact us for a free consultation today.

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