Use the Truth Legal Library and ONRECORD to build your case and prepare your evidence.

ON​RECORD is proud to be working with Truth Legal because we share Andrew Gray’s philosophy of working affordably and in an honest and ethical way and are committed to helping people who can’t afford a solicitor.

The Truth Legal library is a resource which is an ideal match to ​ON​RECORD’s evidence gathering service. The library is full of key documents and useful templates to use as a basis to suit your circumstances (at the last time of looking, 38 documents). You can use them free of charge to help with DIY cases and are an ideal starting point for any case. You can see the format that’s required and what details you need to put into the document to suit your particular case. The sample documents include evidence to illustrate the example problem they have used, which gives you a guide to the kind of evidence you will need in order to make your own case.

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When you use Truth Legal’s library in this way, to discover what you need as evidence, you can then use ​ON​RECORD to gather and organise your own evidence to fill in the document and build your case. In many circumstances you will need to provide a record of events, for example if you are experiencing discrimination at work, needing to keep a record of expenses in a personal injury case or keeping track of a dispute over child contact. ON​RECORD makes it easy to keep records like this, as and when things happen. It gathers all the key evidence together, including documents, photos or screenshots, securely, in one place, puts it in date order, and even allows you to link your records to the professional of your choice in order to get advice. When you need it, ​ON​RECORD will produce a chronology report which can be used in court. By upgrading and logging in on ​our website​, you can download either individual records or your entire chronological report to cut and paste into a Truth Legal template.

By combining a document from Truth Legal’s library and your evidence from ​ON​RECORD you will be well prepared to make your case. It will take a lot of the stress out of representing yourself. It will also save you money!

Find out more about ONRECORD by visiting the website:

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