Many of the lawyers at Truth Legal used to work for trade union law firms. We therefore understand how trade union law firms assess employment cases and accident at work cases.

Since the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees, there has been a significant reduction in the number of employment claims that have been issued. It also appears to the lawyers at Truth Legal that, as a result of the Tribunal Fees, trade unions are running far fewer claims.

At Truth Legal we have won every Employment Tribunal claim which a trade union law firm has rejected for not having “reasonable prospects of success”. We have either funded these claims using No Win, No Fee agreements or by using our client’s Legal Expenses Insurance.

Truth Legal solicitors always provide at least a one-hour free consultation with an experienced solicitor. We do this because of our commitment to providing access to justice for all. Truth Legal lawyers are selected not just because they are excellent, but because of their commitment to doing the right thing.

If your trade union solicitors have rejected your employment law or personal injury claim and you believe that they were wrong to do so, please arrange a free consultation with us. We will want to see all the key documents in your case. We will also want to have a meeting – either in person or over the telephone – at a time to suit you. Often it helps your employment solicitor if you could put together a chronology (a list of the key events in your case in date order) so that your solicitor can fully understand what has gone on. Employment claims can be very complicated, so a good chronology is important (solicitors also like to have organised clients!).

In the event that we are of the view that your case was rightly rejected by your allocated trade union law firm because your case didn’t enjoy “reasonable prospects of success”, it might still be prudent to lodge a claim, because most claims settle. If we cannot offer a No Win, No Fee agreement and if your home insurers will not support your case, we offer affordable rates and fixed fees. Sometimes it is more prudent for a client to pay a low hourly rate rather than losing 35% of the compensation to the solicitors.

In the event that your trade union law firm has rejected your case and that we have taken on your case and won, then you could complain to your union about the advice that you were previously given, and perhaps seek redress for any losses suffered.

If you have an unfair dismissal claim, or a discrimination claim or an accident at work claim which you think was incorrectly assessed as not enjoying “reasonable prospects of success”, please contact one of experienced solicitors to arrange a confidential, free and no-obligation consultation. And remember: in employment law, you must act quickly: if you think that the three month less one day time limit is about to expire, please commence ACAS Early Conciliation immediately.

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