With celebrities making the trend for a fuller face more popular than ever, dermal filler injections have become a widespread non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Unfortunately, a lack of regulation means that many of these injections are carried out improperly, resulting in serious medical complications and a large number of compensation claims for botched cosmetic filler treatment.

A Florida woman is telling her cautionary tale in an attempt to warn others of the dangers of dermal filler injections. Carol Bryan was left severely disfigured and blind in one eye after a cosmetic procedure went badly wrong and a filler mixture that was unsuitable for the area was injected into her forehead. The procedure caused her forehead to swell and become so heavy that it collapsed forward, obscuring her vision and leaving her permanently disfigured.

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The Consequences of Botched Cosmetic Filler Injections

As someone who had worked in the cosmetic industry and had fillers such as Botox injected into her face for many years, Ms Bryan considered herself well-informed on the subject and felt that cosmetic injections posed little risk. Therefore, when her doctors suggested that she try new fillers to add volume to her cheeks and forehead, Ms Bryan didn’t have any misgivings. However, despite her experience with non-surgical cosmetic injections, she was unaware that some fillers are not suitable to be injected into certain areas.

After the filler mixture had been injected, Ms Bryan was not alarmed by the initial bruising and swelling, suspecting it was normal after this type of treatment. However, when the swelling didn’t go down she realised that something had gone seriously wrong. The extent of the damage was so severe that Ms Bryan had to tape her forehead up in order to be able to see properly. Three months after the botched filler injection, Ms Bryan was left “terrified of what I looked like” and the trauma of her cosmetic disfigurement took a huge toll on her physical and mental health.

Ms Bryan had to undergo extensive and painful corrective cosmetic surgery, including the complete removal of her forehead which was then rebuilt using skin and tissue from her back. It was during one of these corrective surgeries that her optic nerve was damaged, resulting the loss of sight in her right eye.

The Dangers of Dermal Fillers

Although Ms Bryan has now come to terms with her new appearance, she wants to use her painful experience to warn others about the harm that can be done by the negligent use of injectable cosmetic fillers. Calling for stricter regulations in the US for cosmetic practitioners, she wants people to think more carefully before deciding to have injectable fillers, as even ‘low-risk’ non-surgical cosmetic procedures can be dangerous.

In the UK, dermal fillers remain unregulated which means that they can be administered by people without any medical training and there is no age restriction. The British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons (BAAPS) are calling for stronger regulation. Former BAAPS President, consultant plastic surgeon Rajiv Grover, saying:

“One only has to look at the constant stream of cautionary tales of botched filler stories in the media to see that the current landscape of unregulated non-surgical treatment is absolutely dire… The complications arising from dermal fillers – which can include very serious infections, skin necrosis, and blindness – can often not be recognised, much less be treated by, amateur injectors…”

With the practice unregulated (unless performed by doctors) and fillers easily available online, it’s easy to see why so many people are unhappy with the results of cosmetic filler injections and are taking steps to claim compensation for their injuries.

Georgina Parkin a solicitor at Truth Legal specialising in cosmetic surgery negligence claims on behalf of victims and their families said:

“I have experience in representing clients injured in truly awful cosmetic surgery botches. Having represented a client who was left disfigured following the insertion of dermal fillers, I strongly urge people to think twice before using them. Although I managed to secure compensation for my client, no amount of compensation can make up for the damage that was done.”

If you are considering your options after botched cosmetic surgery, do get in touch with us. We have offices in Harrogate, York, Manchester and London, and can act for you wherever you are. If you are already pursuing a claim but are unhappy with how your solicitors are handling it, we can also take on your claim – swapping solicitors is straightforward and we can help you through the process and give your cosmetic surgery claim the attention it needs to succeed.

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