At Truth Legal we have acted for clients under most of the available legal expenses insurance on the market. We have also helped many clients to exercise their “freedom of choice” of solicitor so that we – rather than a large, panel firm, which can often feel impersonal – are appointed.

On this page we will explain how legal expenses insurance works and how you can instruct your own solicitor using the “freedom of choice” doctrine.

Fixed fee legal work

Truth Legal can usually offer to work on a fixed fee basis with certain types of case. Some examples are listed below:

Fixed fees are an alternative to fees based on an hourly rate, where a solicitor will charge fees linked to the time they spend on a case. For legal matters where fixed fees are impractical (such as complicated personal injury claims) fees will instead be calculated on an hourly rate. However, there are other funding arrangements which can be made in these situations to cover these costs, such as No Win, No Fee Agreements for example.

Will I have to pay anything else besides the fixed fee?

In most fixed-fee cases, the fixed fee will cover Truth Legal’s legal costs – i.e. the fees you pay for our service and expertise in helping you with your case. However, you should also be aware that:

  • Disbursements are generally NOT included – a disbursement is any fee which we pay to other parties on your behalf as part of your case. They can include:
    • Court fees
    • Tribunal fees
    • Barristers’ fees
    • Home Office fees
    • Interpreter/Translator fees
  • If your instructions to us change, additional legal fees may be payable. This could be in the form of another fixed fee or fees on an hourly rate to cover the additional work. This will always be discussed with you before any extra costs are incurred.

Whenever you instruct Truth Legal to act in a fixed-fee case, we will make clear what is and is not included in the fixed fee. We will give you clear indications as to whether any additional costs are possible or anticipated, and explain these to you in plain English.

Why Truth Legal?

Our fixed fees are set to make our top-quality legal services as affordable as possible.

Our expert teams of lawyers receive excellent reviews.

We are open and clear about what our fixed fees cover.

Louis MacWilliam, Head of Immigration at Truth Legal Solicitors